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Why Tottenham are out of Arsenal's shadow – Jenas

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Arsenal and Tottenham have met in a few classic cup semi-finals down the years but, in terms of league meetings, Saturday’s game is perhaps the biggest north London derby ever.

I know from personal experience that it is a huge occasion anyway, but having both clubs challenging for the Premier League title at this stage of the season adds an incredible edge.

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The atmosphere: ‘When the whistle goes, the place erupts’

When I was at Tottenham, the games against Arsenal were my favourites to play in even when there was nowhere near as much at stake.

The supporters’ rivalry is so intense, you could almost call it hatred, and it would always hit me when I came out to warm up, especially at White Hart Lane where you are so close to the fans.

I had a regular drill where I would get my lungs going by running from side to side of the pitch. Near the touchline you could look into our fans’ eyes – their necks would be bulging with the veins sticking out, and they would be screaming things like “get it done today Jenas”.

I would be thinking I need to stay in my zone and keep my cool because the key to this game is handling the situation, and having fire in your belly does not always help.

You need that calmness because, when the whistle goes to start the game, the whole place absolutely erupts.

THEN: ‘We knew Arsenal had a better team than us’

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I had a decent enough record in games against Arsenal but we never finished above them in my eight years at the club between 2005 and 2013.

Tottenham have not done that since 1995, although we came very close in 2006 when we lost out on the final day because of ‘Lasagne Gate’