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Mighty Quinn: April 13

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The Mighty One himself.

The Mighty Quinn

The Mighty One himself.

Mighty and Eddie DiMaggio, owner of Eddie D’s Pizza in Valley Stream, made their annual baseball bet: Triple scoop Italian Ice (cherry, lemon, chocolate)

“MQ, stopped by Eddie D’s Pizza. He said ‘Your pal Mighty Quinn was in the other day.’ I wanted to know if the two of you made your yearly baseball bet.”

Eddie D: “Mets will win more than 89 games.”

Mighty Q: “Mets will win less than 89 games.”

“I like to stay neutral when two of my friends make a bet.

“Enter friend #3. My partner Kenny The Lip calls me to inform me that we have a Las Vegas bet, Mets to win the World Series. Now I am no longer neutral. I’m hoping Eddie D. will break his long losing streak and finally win a bet, any bet, against you. I predict that the Mets will win more than 89 games and go on to win the World Series.” Frank Buongervino.

Mighty was waiting on the Padres on Tuesday and likes the Blackhawks on Wednesday. The surplus is 100 sirignanos.

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