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Gutierrez 'dropped because of cancer'

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Jonas Gutierrez

Midfielder Jonas Gutierrez was dropped by Newcastle United because of his cancer diagnosis, an employment tribunal has found.

The 32-year-old was suing the Magpies for about £2m on the grounds of disability discrimination.

The tribunal also ruled the club made it impossible for Gutierrez to trigger an appearance-based contract extension.

Newcastle say they are “dismayed” by the judgement and are considering further options with their legal team.

Gutierrez’s barrister Martin Budworth said: “The tribunal has made it clear that a Premier League football club owes the same duties to a disabled person as any other employer.”

Claims of unfavourable treatment and another of harassment related to disability were dismissed.

A further remedy hearing will be held in due course, in which compensation will be addressed.

Although Gutierrez has not released a statement, he did post on social media,